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A: As a worker owned cooperative, you will have workers on site who are invested in the success of the company. All of our workers are knowledgeable, highly trained, and motivated to do the best job possible.
A: The grounds are a significant part of the investment you have made in owning property. When poorly cared for, the value of your property declines, and the cost to correct it goes up. Well-intentioned yet unschooled landscapers may damage your property or significantly reduce your enjoyment by improperly eliminating blooms, fruit or proper form. It is always less expensive to regularly maintain than do large clean-ups, and the results are better as we can catch problems before they get out of hand.
A: We offer monthly garden maintenance, garden clean-ups, organic soil conditioning, annual applications of organic fertilizer, specialty pruning, planting including containers, annuals and seasonal bulbs, garden coaching and consultations, and hardscaping including patios, pathways, and carpentry. Our installations and plantings include a warranty. We also coordinate with our contractor referral network to assist you with larger projects, We’re connected with local designers, irrigation specialists, artists and more. Contact us for details.
A: Our services are tailored specifically for your site, but in general we include hand weeding, pruning and shaping of trees and shrubs, deadheading spent blooms, soil management, installing annual plants and managing perennials, mulching, raking and cleaning the property.
A: That depends on a number of factors, including how vigorously your plants grow, how much weed control is needed, the size of your site, and so on. We recommend a visit at least once per month to keep on top of basic tasks, though you may need more visits depending on your site conditions. Request a free estimate, and we’ll customize a maintenance plan for you.
A: Organic will always be a nebulous term. While products are becoming more regulated, services are not. For us, being truly organic means that we use products derived from natural sources and accepted horticultural “best practice”. It’s true that chemicals from a lab are the same as those found in nature, but the difference with organic fertilizers is that in their natural forms they do not leach as easily, making it harder for them to enter our water supply. We do not use pesticides to control insects or diseases, but cultural methods. Sometimes a plant with infection or infestation must be sacrificed, rather than treating it with harsh, toxic chemicals. Lastly, we do all of our weeding by hand, meaning no chemical sprays around your children, pets, or you.

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