Seattle, WA
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Seattle’s mild temperatures, abundant water supply and long summer days make it an ideal temperate gardening environment. Growing a lush garden can seem effortless with such natural encouragement. But without dutiful upkeep, these same conditions will turn any landscape into a mess of overgrown ornamentals and unruly weeds and volunteers. Regular maintenance is crucial for the establishment and perpetuation of successful landscapes in Seattle.


We offer maintenance on monthly or more frequent intervals for commercial and residential properties. Services provided by our experienced gardeners include small tree (less than 16’) and shrub pruning, hedge shearing, perennial and annual care, mulching, fertilizing with organic products, weeding and debris removal. We can also advise on proper plant selection and source and install trees, shrubs and bedding and container plants.


The huge variety of plants under cultivation and tenacity of noxious and invasive weeds in the Seattle area demands knowledgeable labor for effective maintenance. As such, PGC emphasizes the continual development of sustainable horticulture practice and plant identification skills among our staff. Careless pruning through poor timing, mistaken identity or use of improper equipment can ruin flowering, fruiting and form, if not an entire plant. Inattentive weeding could exacerbate infestations if removal isn’t thorough or well-concealed weeds escape to flower and multiply. Well-informed gardeners that know how to avoid these and other counterproductive practices are then able to provide the best value to property owners.





Key Benefits 

Regular maintenance will keep your garden looking its best year round.  With our extensive knowledge of science-based horticulture techniques, sustainable gardening, and organic materials, your garden will be as healthy as it is beautiful.  We never use pesticides or harsh chemicals in your garden, and we are committed to the health of the environment and the people and animals who inhabit it.

  Save money with the proper plants in the proper place
  Protect the environment by avoiding pesticides 
  Spend more time relaxing, not working, in your garden
  Increase property value with a well maintained landscape
  Support ethical business practices and fair wages

Trained landscapers with a wide scope of education and experience.
From construction pros to arborists, our staff can handle your projects.
We have been part of the sustainable gardening community for 28 years, and continue those traditions today!
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