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As many in the community are aware, our beloved City People's Garden Store will be closing at year's end. We, the former employees of City People's Landscaping, will be organizing as a worker cooperative, just as the business was originally founded.  We are excited to have the opportunity to build upon City People's 28 years of outstanding service to its clients, community and employees!


But we can't do it alone.  Rather than rely on venture capitalists for funding, who would require a certain amount of control of the business and may not share our vision, we're calling on the community to aid us in our time of need.  Our goal is to raise the capital to start out, and give back to the community as we grow.  With your help, we can continue our mission of building and maintaining sustainable gardens, protecting our environment, and providing ecologically sound services to private residents and public places.  We will continue to partner with local non-profits to give back and pay it forward.  Please consider donating today!


$0 - 500...............Our Heartfelt Thanks!
$500 - 1,000........1 Hour Free Garden Coaching
$1,000 - 5,000.....Free Plant ($75 value) + Installation
$5,000 - 7,500.....Free Tree ($200 value) + Installation
$7,500 - 10,000...Custom Built Curbside Library
$10,000+..............Free Garden Clean Up (up to 30 hours with 10 yards debris)
*Rewards restricted to donating clients within 40 mile radius
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Donation Total: $1,000